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Yorkshire Dales G Scale Group Constitution
1: Title The Group shall be known as Yorkshire Dales G Scale Group (hereinafter named YDGS) and is a regional body of the G Scale Society U.K.

2: Objectives
The Group shall have as its Aim and Objective to promote and foster an interest in model railways in G Scale.

3: Membership
Membership is open to anyone who accepts The Group Aim and Objective.

Membership will be by payment of the appropriate fee as set annually by the recommendation of the Group treasurer and passed by the membership at its Annual General meeting by a simple majority. The annual membership year is for the period 01st January until 31st December each year. Applications to join the YDGS, received by the Secretary, between January and September (inclusive) will be subject to the full membership fee. Applications received by the Secretary between October and December (inclusive) will be exempt from payment until the beginning of the next period. i.e. 01st January.

Cessation of membership will happen if; Payment of the annual fee is not received by the 31st March each year.

YDGS shall reserve the right to exclude anyone who is deemed to be acting inappropriately and this will be determined by the governing committee, whose decision will be final. Individual membership of the YDGS does not give or imply membership of the G Scale Society, or KMRC. Membership of The G Scale Society and KMRC is by separate fee. There will be no upper or lower age limit for membership of YDGS nor is there a difference in fees for same. However, in respect of membership by any person under the age of 16 years, that person or persons must be accompanied by an adult relative, or family representative, as so arranged by the child's parents/guardian, details of which must be made known to at least two Committee members on arrival at all events, at all times. In the event of there being no Committee members present, the said details should be made known to the host or person in charge of the event. There must be no exceptions to this requirement at any time. The adult relative or family representative need not be, nor require to be, a member of YDGS in their own right. Members under the age of 18 years shall not be allowed to vote.

Members may be asked to volunteer extra subscriptions or materials from time to time to assist in layout building. These subscriptions or materials shall become assets of the YDGS unless specifically stated to be on a loan basis (i.e. spare track, controllers ect)

4: Data Protection
The YDGS shall hold on record membership data. This basic information will be received initially by application details, and will then be collated on a data base. This data will be held and maintained in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. YDGS shall hold only personal contact details. YDGS will not transfer or share personal membership details to any other groups or societies nor will it provide membership details to other members of the YDGS without their express permission. On the occasion of anyone ceasing to be a member, their details will be deleted from the membership data base in accordance with the Act.

5: Government
YDGS shall be administered by a committee which shall comprise of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and three named members. The Committee will meet as often as deemed necessary of which one will be the AGM.

A quorum for committee meetings and decisions will be 3 members present. In the event of a tied decision, the Chairman will have the casting vote. The Treasurer will prepare a full statement of accounts for the AGM. Communication of the decisions made by committee will be brought to the attention of the membership by the YDGS either verbally at the next appropriate YDGS meeting, or by writing, either electronically, or by inclusion in the YDGS Newsletter. The committee may from time to time set up a sub committee to work, or pursue a specific task, on behalf of The YDGS, and any Sub committee so appointed will be responsible to the YDGS Committee and will only act on instructions from the Committee.

6: Election
The committee will be elected from within the membership at an annual general meeting (AGM) which shall be held in January. The office bearers and members are eligible for re-election each year. Any vacancy occurring in the committee during the course of the year shall be filled by the committee co-opting another member. Any member so co-opted will serve until the next AGM and will then be eligible for election. Each member will have a vote at any YDGS meeting and a simply majority of the members present will carry any business. A notice calling the AGM shall be included in the preceding Newsletter, prior to 01st January with a further notice appearing in any additional publication before the due date. An additional calling notice will be sent out electronically to all members during January. Items to be included in the Agenda should be sent to the Secretary, either by post or e mail not later than 14 days prior to the date set for the AGM.

7: Accounts
The treasurer will be responsible for recording all financial transactions of The YDGS and for preparing an annual Income and expenditure account, The Treasurer will maintain a Bank account in the name of Yorkshire Dales G Scale The account cheques will operate on any two from four signatures of the Committee members.

8: Assets
YDGS is a non profit making organisation. All monies received will be used to improve or maintain YDGS. Any assets of the YDGS which are in place at the time, both physical and financial, shall in the event of YDGS’s being disbanded be sold and the proceeds after all loans have been paid give to a charity nominated by the committee

Any member who leaves the club whilst the club is active shall have no claim on the club’s assets other than items that have been specifically lent or loaned by that member to the club.

9: Alteration
No alteration shall be made to the foregoing Constitution except at the AGM or at an EGM expressly called for that purpose. The notice calling such a meeting shall state the alteration proposed, and be received by the Secretary not less than 14 days prior to the date calling the AGM or EGM. No alteration to the foregoing constitution shall take effect unless it is passed by a two thirds majority of those present, and entitled to vote at such General Meetings.

10: Constitution
A Copy of this Constitution will be given to all members when they join the YDGS and they will be given any amendments duly made in writing should they occur. A copy given electronically will be deemed adequate.

End of Constitution