The group was formed in April 2004 and moved into Keighley MRC clubrooms in January 2005. We presently have over 25 members spread across the North of England, from Preston to Bedale & Thirsk, up to Durham, down Wharfedale & along the Aire Valley from Skipton to Bradford, Halifax, Brighouse and Leeds

The group's layout is held at the Keighley MRC and is available seven days a week, subject to absence for any shows. The layout presently measures 22' x 16' with three 45mm running tracks, two being analogue and one MTS. We have several sidings which double as passing loops and also a large engine shed area incorporating a turntable.

We are currently planning to completely (February 2010) rebuild the layout keeping the engine shed and turntable with the addition of an elevated section, which will also include a passing loop. New stations and more buildings. Come along and help please.

We are predominately LGB but not exclusively as members have a combination of other makes including live steam & battery.

We are a relatively small and friendly group and welcome anyone with an interest in our fun hobby.

We have a variety of outdoors meets and events throughout the "summer" staring in May and our final summer outdoor meet this year will be in November, patio heater at the ready!. So wrap up well if you would like to meet up with us. The venues will not be a disappointment.

To cover the cost of producing our quarterly newsletter, postage insurance and web site we have an affordable annual membership fee. Our membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. However, anyone joining from 1 October is able to enjoy membership for 15 months.

So if you are interested or simply visiting the area, whatever the occasion you will be made most welcome.